Bandzee: A topknot’s dream

If you are like me and love to throw your hair up in a bun or a messy attempt at a bun when you get home from work, then you will understand the age-old battle of bobble vs kinky hair. It’s a nightmare and suffering with naturally wavy hair anyway just aids the bobble in the war against my straightened locks. I have always wanted to try out products that claim to leave you with no such kink but have been sceptical about whether they truly do what they say on the packet.

As luck would have it, the lovely people over at Bandzee offered me the chance to try out some of these “kink-free” hair ties and see whether they worked for myself. I decided the best way to test them out would be to keep trying them for a matter of weeks in different styles of “do” and then see if they did really work in every eventuality.


I received 3 different packets each with unique and different coloured designs on the bands. The first thing you notice about them is that every single one is different from the last making them wearable in lots of occasions. You also can wear them as a bracelet which beats a bobble as it doesn’t leave you with ugly indents on your wrist from the bobble being too tight. I decided to use the dark blue Bandzee first and wore it every day to work on my wrist so I always had it in an emergency hair tie situation. (You’ve been then, you know exactly what I’m talking about!)

Naturally the band does stretch a bit on the wrist and after using it, however it is easy to wrap around the hair 2-3 times whether in a ponytail or a bun. Every time I wore it in my hair, I noticed a tiny kink after wearing it for a while. I was a little disappointed at first, but this was short-lived. After 20 minutes or so I noticed my hair generally straightened itself out again as if it was bouncing back and pushing the kink back out. Magic!


I liked these so much, I recommended them to my friend who has über long hair and is always saying it takes her ages to straighten it out on a morning. Since she loves a good pineapple-hairdo on the top of her head I suggested she try some of them out and she absolutely loved them. She now can’t wait to buy more since they are so easy to use. After browsing the Banzee site, I noticed they sell the packets individually featuring 4 different styles of band or even offer a monthly subscription service which is a great idea for anyone with ladies in their lives, as bobbles and hair ties always go missing….FACT!

My opinion is that this product is great and worked for me. It’s easy to be sceptical until you try them out yourself as only you truly know what a mare your hair can be. I will definitely be using these all the time and have already shunned my stockpile of bobbles to a drawer somewhere in favour of these beauties. I hope if you struggle with bobble related kinks too then you will check this lovely brand out.

Thanks for reading as always

Laura x

*Bandzee were kind enough to send me these products in exchange for my open and honest opinion. All my thoughts and findings are entirely my own and are reflected in this post*


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