August Empties

Better late than never, I’m finally getting round to writing up the August Empties post now that we are 2 weeks into the month. Shameful beauty blogger eh?!

Anyway as I’m writing this, it’s a sunny but freezing day and I’m officially 37 weeks pregnant. I love writing my empties post’s as it’s always fun to see how much I’ve managed to clear out that month but also to share my thoughts on different products I’ve used. In August I used up an outstanding 8 products ranging from skincare to body care and it’s now time to share my thoughts.

Facial Skin Care

I finished up my bottle of DHC face wash this month and wiped tears from my eyes as the last dregs were squeezed out. This wash has been an absolute saviour for my pregnant hormonal skin and has helped calm my skin in the last few months, right down to virtually no zits at all (fingers crossed it stays this way). No sooner had I run out than I received another blessing through the post in the form of another bottle – hands held high in praise. I am not lying when I say I absolutely love this wash, no matter what products I try, I will always come back to this one as my go to product.

Next up I used up a bottle of Urban Veda Radiance Hydrating Toner which was a competition prize not so long ago. I wasn’t sure about this one at first despite my love of botanics. I persisted in testing this product out and found that it did the job in toning my skin however it’s not a product I would buy myself in future. I like the scent of the toner but I don’t think it will be in my shopping basket going forward.

Moisturiser wise, I used my trusty Dermalogica Clear Start Hydrating Lotion. This has been one of my favourite moisturisers for a couple of years now and I won’t lie, I’ve been super brand loyal to Dermalogica as I know the products work for my skin. Slowly but surely I’ve tried to tear myself away slightly and branch out to other brands but I know this super hydrating, light moisturiser is fantastic for my spot prone skin. This will firmly stay on in my shopping basket going forward.

Body Care

I finished up my last tub of SBC body butter and this one was from the Aloe Vera range. I absolutely adore SBC products in general and have the aloe vera gel and spritz as well but the body butters are sumptuous and make your skin feel incredible. This has been my go to product lately to combat stretch marks during my last trimester of pregnancy. I used this morning and night with a fairly good portion each time but it is absolutely worth the money in my eyes.

I also used up a tub of Superdrug Coconut Oil which again has been a lifesaver on the old pregnancy belly. I’ve been trying not to spend money on unnecessary body care during pregnancy in preparation for maternity leave so I’ve been using up what I had in my beauty cupboards. I originally bought this coconut oil for my hair but didn’t like it when I used it. Once I switched to using it on my skin, I found it really hydrated my stretched belly but in terms of whether it prevents stretch marks; lord only knows. It’s all a bit of a guessing game when it comes to products like this.

In order to prevent smelly armpits, I refer to my trusty roll on pure invisible deodorant from Nivea. I hate using spray deodorants as they irritate my skin a lot so a roll on is always my best friend. I tend to stick to Nivea as I know they work especially once I’ve de-fluffed my armpits and my skin is fuzz free.

Hair Care

Now let’s focus on my hair. I used up the L’Oréal Everstrong shampoo for sensitive scalps. I like this product and while I agree it works for sensitive skin, my scalp soon got used to it and it started to do nothing but irritate the skin after a while. I do notice this with certain products and have to go back to using head and shoulders etc to strip back the hair but for a short-term solution, this product is good. I won’t purchase it again if I’m honest but I did enjoy trying it out.

Lastly I used up my Bleach Reincarnation Mask. This product is aimed at those with treated or coloured hair but I have used it lately to nourish my hair and add that much-needed hydration back to each strand. Pregnancy has made my hair thicker and grow fairly quickly but this means there’s more hair to look after. You only need a small amount of this mask ran through the hair and left for around 20 minutes before rinsing off. Once this is done, you will notice it is considerably softer and healthier looking. I will definitely look at buying this again once I’ve had the baby as no doubt my hair will be in dire need of some TLC.

Laura x


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