An Origins Haul

If you saw my Instagram Stories earlier in the week, you will have seen me talking about Origins Skincare. This is a brand I discovered back in August when I attended a collaboration event between Origins and Em Sheldon in their new store in York.

I fell in love with the products after testing out a few samples ones and when a family member gifted me a voucher as a gift for recently bringing a child into the world, I didn’t waste any time in placing an order online.

The products I picked up included:

GINZING Refreshing Scrub Cleanser

ZERO OIL Pore Purifying Toner with Saw Palmetto and Mint

SUPER SPOT REMOVER Blemish Treatment Gel


Before purchasing, the only product I had actually tried first hand was the Checks and Balances frothy face wash and absolutely fell in love with it, hence buying the full size version.

What I’m not going to do is tell you how wonderful all the products are and claim to have tried them all out as that would be a lie. I have so far tested the super spot remover on some unsightly blemishes that have reared their ugly heads lately and so far my opinion is positive.

I’ve learnt the hard way over the years, that testing out too many products at the same time gives you mental looking skin so I will be testing them carefully over the next 30 days to give you an accurate review to read going forward. I will say that I’ve tried several other Origins products and none so far have had an adverse effect on my skin so my experience thus far has been positive.

I’m really excited to test out the other two products as they smell incredible and fingers crossed they will help out this new mama’s hormonal skin.

Keep checking my Instagram for updates as I will be sharing some weekly progress on my stories as we go along.

Laura x

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