A Step By Step Guide to Wedding Makeup

Is it just me or is there always like a billion weddings going on during the summer months. It feels like every time I look on Facebook I see someone else’s wedding snaps and I can’t help but have a nosey at the dress, how they wore their hair, the makeup on the day. Since I have been doing a few makeup related posts lately, I thought I would write a guide to the perfect stay put wedding makeup.

Wedding makeup is supposed to look classy and elegant. It should look subtle, yet pretty. It should photograph well, but look nothing like you’re wearing a mask. This step by step guide will help you to create the perfect look, so you love all of the photos!

Step 1: Make Sure Your Face is Completely Clean

Before you start to apply your makeup you need to make sure your face is completely clean. Do a double cleanse and moisturise, then wait for your moisturiser to sink in. Ideally, you will have kept up a good cleansing routine for a while before the big day so your skin is in perfect condition. You should start this before you even send/receive one of those contemporary wedding invites.

Step 2: Prime

Prime your skin with your favourite primer. Some of them are perfect for having pictures taken, so find a ‘photo finish’ primer if you prefer. Leave that to set for a minute or two before applying your makeup.

Step 3: Perfect Your Base

Now it’s time to perfect your base. Use a fresh brush or sponge to begin applying your foundation. Don’t apply too much at once, as you can always build it up and add more to areas that need it. You’re not trying to mask your face here, just cover up imperfections.

Step 4: Contour

If you need it, you can contour your face. You can skip this step if you like, but it can help to create cheekbones and shape where you need it. Usually you’ll add light to areas that you want to stand out, and shade in areas that you don’t want to stand out. For example, you’ll shade underneath your cheekbone and highlight your cheek. The key here is to blend, blend, and blend some more so that you get a totally natural finish.


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Step 5: Apply Subtle Eye Makeup

Subtle eye makeup is a must at weddings. Here are some tips to get it just right:

  • Prime your lids to keep eyeshadow in place.
  • Use shades of brown and nude to create a classy smokey eye.
  • Make any liner you use thin rather than thick.
  • Line your eye with a white pencil to make it look larger.
  • Always curl your lashes to give them more volume.
  • Apply mascara on top of the lashes first, and then underneath to really lift them up.

Step 6: Apply Lipstick or Gloss

Next, it’s time to apply your lipstick or gloss. Nude/pinky shades of lipstick are perfect for weddings! If the theme is quite retro, you could even go for a classic red shade like Ruby Woo – but only if you really want to stand out!

Step 7: Set Your Makeup

Set your makeup using a setting spray or hairspray and it’ll stay in place all day!

Use this step by step guide to creating wedding makeup and you’ll love the results and photographs! Have a wonderful day and thanks for reading 🙂 

Laura x



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