A different sort of visit to John Lewis

On New Years Eve I set off to John Lewis in York at around 3pm in the afternoon. I had scheduled myself into the Elemis counter in store for a 30 min facial and skin consultation. I had spotted the facial on offer for a reserve of £10 and also included in the deal was your makeup doing by the Hourglass ladies. As part of the deal as well the £10 reserve fee you paid could be redeemed off any purchase from either the Elemis or Hourglass counters.


The lovely Rachel at the Elemis Counter had a chat to me about my skin problems and then talked me through the different products she was using. She used a lovely Apricot toner on my skin which is great for sensitive skin as well as an exfoliator that doesn’t use bits in it however left my skin beautiful and fresh feeling. My favourite products in the range are definitely the Herbal Lavender Repair mask and the Fruit Active Rejuvenating mask. Both of these calmed the redness on my skin and stopped my spots looking so angry and red overall.

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After finishing at the Elemis counter I trotted off to see the Hourglass sales lady. For the life of me I cannot remember her name which I am very sad about but she was so lovely. She spent ages chatting to me about my makeup style and talking me through the different products and showing me how to apply them. She also gave me a history of the brand and I learnt that it started in America and there are less than 20 counters across the whole of the UK that sell the makeup. Overall I loved the makeup as it felt silky on the skin and almost as thought you weren’t really wearing any. It lasted the whole of New Years Eve and I didn’t need to touch it up once.

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My favourite product was the foundation as it matched my skin tone perfectly and felt super soft once on. You can go to see the counter team any time and book in for specific makeup options like skin, eyes, lips etc as well as full makeup. I would definitely go back as the products are gorgeous and I only wish I had more money to buy the lot!

After I finished I decided to use my £10 to redeem against a skin care set that was on Special Buy at the Counter.I chose the resurfacing option rather than the sensitive as the cleanser should help clear my skin up and then I will treat myself to the sensitive option to help maintain the routine.


I would definitely recommend both fo these brands and especially the 2 counters in John Lewis as the staff were lovely and friendly and explained everything so well.

Laura x

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