Ways to save money: Baby clothes

I spoke on my previous post about sharing my money-saving tips and since becoming a parent, I’ve become even stricter with how I spend money. One of the areas we’ve tried to be strict on as a whole is how much we spend on Freya’s wardrobe. I absolutely love a bargain so thought I’d share how we’ve filled Freya’s next stage wardrobe which is 12-18 months.

Naturally the first thing I do when planning Freya’s wardrobe is write out a list of what we need for her usually looking along the lines of:






+ other things that I’ve spotted or forgotten about.

The first thing I do when going shopping for the items is hit the sales or pick up things in the sales as I stumble upon them. Last Christmas I picked up a ton of stuff in the Boxing day sales for this winter including a snowsuit from M&S and a winter coat from John Lewis which were half price.

We have a spare wardrobe that I use to stockpile clothing for when we need things so it’s been handy for storing items I’ve found way in advance of her actually needing them.

I also always look on eBay before making purchases as I’ve found some bargains that still had tags and were unworn and even some direct from the brand that were heavily discounted.

These swimming costumes were brand new unworn and still had tags and cost me a few quid so an absolute bargain.

I also got these Joules lively leggings for a bargain price of £5.95 through their eBay store which were a few pounds cheaper than in the outlet store near to us.

Now I’ve survived a year of parenthood, I’ve become wiser to offers and sales during the year and managed to plan out when to purchase things. I’ve picked up vests brand new here and there as they are a must have so don’t mind spending the money on them but have also managed to get some through the Sainsbury’s 25% off event.

I also picked up pyjamas for Freya in the same event as well as received some as gifts from family.

My favourite way of cutting back is to search the M&S 70% reductions when they come in store as I’ve always managed to come away with some bits including this cute jacket for Freya which cost less than £5.

I always scour Money Saving Expert to find hot tips and offer codes as they usually have a heads-up as to when the sales are coming. Some of my favourite shops for sales are M&S, Tu @ Sainsbury’s, Next and John Lewis. Let me know if you have any other top tips for saving money on kids clothes.

Laura x





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  1. This is exactly what I do and I know many other parents that are the same.
    Whenever the sale come round I’m always looking for the next size up.
    The best sale I find to hit is Next on boxing day. I get VIP access for online, but then always am that mad woman queing up outside also! I love the quality of next clothes.
    However, I definitely think sales and sometimes stores are definitely geared more towards girls clothing than boys. There’s always so much more in for girls. Which is a tad annoying with two boys now.


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