Pregnancy: The 2nd Trimester

I am officially into my third trimester and wanted to fill you in on how the last 12 weeks have been including the ups and downs so read no further if you don’t want to hear some of the less lovely things about pregnancy.

I’ll hold my hands up first of all and say that I’ve not had the struggles that I read other women going through when it comes to growing my first human. In my second trimester I did notice the tiredness from the first trimester had passed and I could actually focus on our wedding and work for a change. It was nice not to want to nap all the time but lo and behold, I’m 28 weeks now and can feel myself tiring again.

Those first kicks

I actually don’t think I realised what was a kick when it first started happening and honestly thought I was having bad trapped wind (I know: GROSS). The first time I really knew it was a kick was our wedding rehearsal just after I hit 20 weeks and a couple of days later both Bobby and I actually began to see the kicks from the outside of my belly. It really is an insane feeling when you see it for the first time and I think it was lovely for Bobby to see and feel the kicks as it meant he felt more of a part of the pregnancy from then. Now baby Moore is a real fidget like her dad and my stomach moves so much, she even responds to her dad’s voice!


I commented that my skin had been a nightmare in the first trimester and luckily in the leading week to the wedding it cleared up. Since then the hormones have calmed down a lot and if I do get a spot now, it doesn’t reside on my face for too long. The only downside to hormones now is that my skin is a combination of oily and dry meaning I have to review my skincare routine fairly regularly to keep things level.


I’ve been lucky that so far I’ve only had 2 moments of cravings and they’ve been nice things like cake and doughnuts. I know people who have chewed sponges or craved coal so the thought of cravings always horrified me. My husband has had to look out for doughnuts one Friday evening and unfortunately there was none but bless him he gave me lots of other options to try to keep baby and I happy. We’ve also kept a tub of ice-cream in the freezer at all times and it’s always on the shopping list as although it hasn’t been a bit craving, there’s been many an occasion I’ve just wanted some especially during the heat wave we had.

Mood Swings

Holy Hell, these are the worst. I can be having a lovely chat and next minute want to scream in annoyance. My poor husband (who’s only been my husband for 2 months) has put up with me going up and down like a yo-yo but I’m keeping everything crossed that this calms down now I’m on the home straight.

Body Shape

This has been my biggest struggle throughout pregnancy unfortunately and I genuinely hate how much I’ve let it affect me. I was always aware of the fact that the human body is wonderful and adapts in such a fantastic way to growing a human however I don’t think I came to terms with how much I was going to change and when it happened, it really knocked me.

Lots of people comment that my bump is small but actually for me, this is the biggest I’ve ever been and the fact that I don’t feel comfortable in any clothes is something I’ve struggled with internally. I’ve gained just under 1.5 stone and according to all pregnancy facts this is absolutely normal but does not put my mind at ease. There have been days where I have genuinely cried because I don’t feel like myself anymore and on several occasions have felt like I’ve lost my identity. I know that once the baby is here, I will forget that I even cared about all of this but that still feels like a while away and the thought of how big I will become over the next 12 weeks is still taking a lot of time to get used to.

17 weeks pregnant

28 weeks pregnant

It took a lot for me to write-up my feelings about pregnancy so far especially about body image but hopefully it will help any fellow pregnant ladies out there who feel the same and stumble across my blog. I probably won’t share a 3rd trimester post until 30-something weeks now but on the run up I will share some pictures of the nursery and other pregnancy related posts for you to hopefully enjoy.

Laura x

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  1. A lovely honest post , Laura ,
    written from the heart ❤️
    It should do a lot for other pregnant ladies to know that these are normal feelings for first time mums

  2. You know you’re quite right in how you address being pregnant. It does feel like it’s not your body anymore but , and it’s a big but (excuse the pun) it’s now an amazing ‘vessel ‘ that is right now in the process of creating and nurturing another little human being.
    I was two weeks away from starting ivf when we found out I was pregnant with your cousin. From that point on , I was in awe of what of what was going on. This little baked bean was becoming a person and it never ceased to amaze me the number of changes I experienced in my pregnancy.
    From foods I liked but didnt like suddenly to being in the bath and watching my little persons foot kick me in such a way it was so visible.
    I couldn’t sleep at night cos bump got super active but during the day, ‘bump’ was quieter. Bump liked the movement of mum moving around. Bump liked banana milk but hated onions and would give me massive heartburn lol

    End of the day, our human body was actually designed to do this. We have the ability as women , to create nurture and produce another human being. Embrace it.
    This little person was made from love and will be guided with love.

    It’s amazing !

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