Our Labour and Birth Story

Freya Penelope Ella

19/09/2017 – 2:31am

6lb 12oz

If you follow me on social media, then 3 weeks ago you would have seen my announcement sharing the news that my child had entered the world 16 days early. For the first time since she was born, I’m finally sitting down to do some serious blogging and at the top of my drafts was the labour and birth story.

Let’s set the scene…

It was Sunday 17th September and I didn’t feel like myself the whole day. I suggested to Bob that I thought baby was on the way and that I was expecting something to happen in the next few days. I’m not sure whether I actually believed myself but that night I asked Bob to run me a bath with a few drops of lavender oil to try to relax.

The next day I asked Bob to put a hot curry in the oven as I was starting to feel pregnant enough and was ready for Baby Moore to arrive. With curry in the slow cooker, I got up early and ventured out to the shops to get a few bits and pieces we needed. I made it to Poundland before heading to Boots for some other essentials and that’s when it started.

My first inkling of baby arrival was the sensation of peeing myself. This sounds so glam doesn’t it but it genuinely felt like I couldn’t control myself and was just having a little wee as I walked round the shop. Rather than panic, I made my way to the toilets about 100m down from Boots and by this time I was more certain that it wasn’t just a leak. I rang my mum who said that it could well be my waters breaking and to ring the midwife asap.

I rang the midwife and sure enough, they advised to go home and rest for an hour, if it continued after this then to ring them back as it would more than likely be my waters if so. Disaster struck when I made it back to my car and my battery had gone dead! Without going into the fiasco of what happened at this point, eventually I made it home to change out of my pretty soaked jeans at this point and lie down for an hour. Bob’s mum came to sit with me during this time and by the time 60 minutes had passed, my contractions had decided to start as well.

12:30pm – Monday 18th September

I rang the midwives and Bob at this point after being advised to come into hospital so they could check it was my waters. Once at the hospital they confirmed it was indeed my waters breaking and the best thing to do would be to go home, have a bath and some food as my labour may not start on its own. If it hadn’t done then they would have induced me 24 hours from my waters breaking at 10:30am that morning.

Off we went home, I had a bath and an Origins face mask before eating some pizza and trying to pass the time despite my contractions really kicking off at this point. At around 6:30pm I had decided it was really painful and I needed to go back in to hospital. Alas it was not quite painful enough as I was only 2cm dilated and was sent way again as you need to be 4cm to be in established labour. They did give me some co-codamol to help with the pain but as you can imagine, this doesn’t do a lot. I also took my last bump selfie as I knew baby was going to arrive in the next 48 hours.

At 8pm we went to my mums house around the corner from the hospital as it was a 40 minute round trip to our house and back and I didn’t fancy doing that again. I managed another 2 hours at my mums before heading back to hospital when my contractions seemed unbearable. Frustratingly at this point, I was only 3cm dilated but the midwife but us in a birthing suite and suggested I have a bath. She gave us a deadline of 2 hours to get to 4cm before she would have to send us home again. I was determined not to go home so got in the bath and breathed through the pain as much as I could whilst I told Bob to nap on the bed (such a good wife eh?) Susan our midwife also dimmed the lights and brought in aromatherapy oils to help me during labour. This was amazing and definitely meant it felt less like a hospital and more like a spa.

12:30am – Tuesday 19th September

When Susan the midwife came back to assess me (I was also demanding gas and air at this point as the pain was something else!), she was elated with the fact that I had gone from 3cm to 8cm with no pain relief other than co-codamol. At this stage she suggested getting out of the bath and onto the bed and handed me the gas and air to puff away on for the home stretch. She was in and out the room for the next hour updating our paperwork and bringing in towels and instruments just in case.

With Susan’s guidance, Freya arrived into the world at 2:31am with no pain relief other than the gas and air and no tears or rips to my body. I am so glad our plan to have an as natural as possible birth actually happened and a mere 2 days later, I was up and about walking with her.

A big thank you to the midwives at York Hospital for being so amazing and to my husband for reminding me how to breathe throughout my labour and delivery.

Laura x


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