Our Feeding Journey

Freya is 6 weeks old and I finally have some time to sit down and write-up our feeding journey with the help of my lovely husband.

During my pregnancy I was asked a lot about whether I would breastfeed or not and my answer was always “I’m going to try”. The truth of the matter was, I wanted to give it a go but I knew there was a chance it wouldn’t work.

Things I knew would stop me breastfeeding were:

  • Baby not latching correctly
  • My milk not coming in
  • Not producing enough milk/baby not getting as much as they needed

Freya arrived into the world on 19/09/2017 and I started feeding her colostrum straight away. Immediately we knew she wasn’t latching that well but the midwives were happy to send me home and told me to persist with getting her to latch on. If this failed then I was to syringe the colostrum into her mouth.

2 days later my milk came in and my boobs swelled up to gigantic scale. I quickly moved to using my Hunkemoller nursing bra ready to start feeding her my milk. The bra is easy to use and clips on an off easily, as well as being very comfortable especially during the night. You quickly realise that you can’t get away with going braless in bed or your boobs just leak everywhere. A comfortable nursing bra and a supply of nursing breast pads are a must.

That was the Thursday and by Friday morning, I woke up with Mastitis in both boobs. Cue lots of crying and a hell of a lot of pain. I had no idea that it could develop that quickly and no sooner had my milk come in that it then became too difficult to breastfeed as my boobs were like rocks meaning she couldn’t latch at all.

If you don’t know much about Mastitis then basically it’s when the ducts in your boobs become too full and get infected and as well as a course of antibiotics, the best way to relieve them is to breastfeed/express. We picked up our Tommee Tippee Electric Breast Pump that morning and thank goodness we did as it really was a saviour. I had a midwife appointment later that day and she took one look at my boobs and grabbed their industrial breast pump to help me ease the pain. They were rock solid and bright red and both a midwife and nurse said they felt sorry for me getting it in both boobs.

Incredibly my milk was coming in thick and fast and despite persisting in attempting to get Freya to latch, it soon became apparent we needed to switch to Formula. Luckily we had purchased a pack of 100ml Aptamil bottles with screw on teats which helped with the initial period and used these alongside the milk I was expressing. I was able to express around 2oz per 30min pump which was enough in the couple of weeks alongside a top up Aptamil bottle.

After 2 weeks my milk completely dried up and we swapped completely to Aptamil First Milk and Freya never seemed fazed or bothered by the change from breast milk. This is where our Milk Monster came in super handy, in particular during the night feeds. This handy little gadget allows you to add a countdown from the moment you make your bottle up and slips easily onto the bottle. A Formula bottle lasts around 2 hours and during the first few weeks babies feeds can be all over the place so this means you can feed them the remainder of a bottle if they haven’t drank it all and it’s still within it’s timescale.

This means a lot less wastage formula wise and ultimately money-saving as well.

Now when it comes to getting out and about, we use a mixture of Read to Feed bottles from Aptamil or take cooled boiled water in a travel pouch and add the formula when ready. Both are easy to manage and plan and thankfully, Freya handles the ready to feed bottles as well as she does powdered formula feeds.

So that’s our feeding journey so far, and 6 weeks in Freya has gone from her birth weight of 6lb 12oz to the fantastic weight of 9lb 6.5oz. She is growing so big already and is a bit of a milk guzzler like her dad was as a baby so I reckon she’s going to be tall just like him too.

Thanks for reading and hopefully you’ve found this useful.

Laura x

*This post contains some PR samples, but all content and photos are my own as usual*

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