My John Lewis baby sale picks

I am an avid visitor to our local John Lewis store and go every Tuesday to a parent and baby coffee morning which is fabulous and a lovely atmosphere. I pretty much always end up in the baby section browsing the clothes they have on offer or whenever I’m at home, I’m on their website searching instead.

As a massive baby clothes hoarder for future sizes (yes you read that correctly), I thought I’d share some of my favourite online bargains from their site. (I love stocking up for Freya’s next couple of sizes btw so she’s in 6-9 months now but I have all her 9-12 months almost sorted and started getting 12-18 months as well. Yes I’m crazy but I do put her old clothes in charity bags/sell them/keep neutral stuff for future babies, so I’m not buried under a mountain of baby clothes just for reference.)

Hello T-shirt // Poodle Sweatshirt Dress // Cat Romper // Knitted Romper // Pack of 2 Bodysuits // Panda Slippers

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I will be aiming to share these posts every time John Lewis has a sale on or some kind of offers as I really do love their clothing for kids and how a lot of it is gender neutral. I love picking out bits that I know I could keep for our next baby eventually and it would be suitable for a boy or girl as well as getting the odd pink item for Freya that I know she will look adorable in.

Laura x

*Post contains affiliate links*

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