Maternity Leave: 5 months in

I mentioned in a previous post that I’ve finally got my blogging mojo back and am trying to stay on top of writing up posts now. Unfortunately I now have a teething 5 month old to contend with so blogging is purely done when she’s in bed as mum life takes priority.

I love sharing new mama life with you and thought I’d share what my first 5 months of maternity leave has consisted of.

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Cleaning hahaha this is laughable in the first 10 weeks or so. I literally stressed my head off thinking about the cleanliness of my house and frantically running round at the weekend when Bob was at home to get it done. Eventually I remembered what everyone kept telling me; the cleaning would still be there and I needed to enjoy my time with Freya. I can confirm my house is generally pretty clean nowadays as I’ve got into a decent routine but it was extremely difficult.

Sleep I have no actual idea how we functioned in the early days. I decided to stop trying to breastfeed at 2 weeks as it really wasn’t working for us. Once we made the switch to exclusively bottles, we took advantage of our Perfect Prep machine and took it in turns to make bottles and do feeds. This massively helped and definitely made the middle of the night feeds far easier. Reflecting on that period of madness does make you grateful when your child eventually sleeps through the night but I also appreciate not everyone gets this with their child, and we count ourselves lucky that Freya likes to sleep at night.

TV At the start of maternity leave I said I would binge watch so much TV and box sets. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve certainly managed a fair amount but nowhere near the expectation I had in my mind. I recently started Grey’s Anatomy which I’m loving but I’m lucky if I can manage an episode per day.

Friends No not the TV show, but yes I have recently binge watched all 10 season on Netflix. I was really worried that I wouldn’t make mum friends and 2 weeks after having Freya, I decided I was done with being at home and it was time to get out and meet people. I had chatted to a local girl called Amy on FB who had a baby boy 2 months before I had Freya, so we both ventured to a baby group together and have since made a wider group of amazing mum friends. I can’t even lie, I love talking about Baby Poo, Sleep, how we feel as mummies or even having a bit of a rant.

Baby Groups/Classes So in my head I was going to sign up for everything and anything before I had Freya and yeah NAHHHHHHH that did not happen. I started going to a local baby group, signed up for a 5 week free baby massage class and also started going to Baby Sensory. I soon realised that if I gave myself something to do every day, we’d never have just mummy and Freya time or be able to enjoy a lazy day. After Christmas we continued with baby group, and also started swimming and occasionally attend another baby group in a nearby town but other than that I try to be flexible and take Freya to York or out for a walk to make the most of fresh air.

Showering Don’t worry, I’m not sat here stinking out my house with sweaty pits, I have managed to bathe since having a baby. What you come to realise is how difficult it is when you have a baby that doesn’t want to be put down or is fighting their nap! Nowadays I generally do a workout early morning after Freya’s first feed, then jump in the shower before she goes down for a nap. In order to have said shower I usually put pillows on the bathroom floor, a soft throw over the pillows and baby on top with some toys. Freya can see me in the shower so doesn’t cry and can also have a wriggle round on a soft surface and eat the gnaw at the face of Sophie the Giraffe.

Eating Again, I have been eating but blimey it’s 10x harder unless bubs is napping or is content enough to play whilst I attempt to eat some lunch. Usually if I meet anyone for lunch, baby is either asleep (hopefully) in her pram, or I have her sat on my knee whilst I attempt not to drop food on y child and feed myself at the same time.

Hair-loss This is a major downer of post pregnancy. I am forever picking up my own hair from my clothes, off my child, off the floor, or hoovering ever floor surface to pick them up. Honestly, the amount of my own hair I find on my child is ridiculous. Poor thing! Don’t worry, I am very careful about hair getting wrapped round fingers or toes and always check her before dressing her for bed in her sleep suit.

That pretty much sums up my maternity leave so far. I’ll be sharing some more later when Freya is a little older and weaning/crawling may have begun.

Thanks for reading.

Laura x

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