Looking after Number One

No I am not talking about myself, or my husband; I’m talking about our new number one Freya.

*items in this post are gifted apart from the child obvs*

I was recently contacted and asked if Freya and I (and Bob) would like to review Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment and put it to the test. I happily agreed on all of our behalf’s and quick as a flash a box of goodies for Freya arrived at the front door.

Now before I share what was in the box of treats, here are some facts about Bepanthen’s nappy care ointment:

The ointment protects against the causes of nappy rash, and cares for babies soft and gentle bottoms at night.

The formulation of the ointment itself is free from fragrance, preservatives, colours and antiseptics meaning it can be used at every bedtime nappy change.

It forms a breathable, transparent layer to gently protect even the most delicate of skin against the causes of nappy rash.

It contains pro-vitamin B5 which gently aids the natural recovery of babies skin.

Do you want to see what arrived in the box then??

Naturally there was some Bepanthen ointments in there, one on the larger size and the other a more change bag friendly version.

This gorgeous Jellycat bunny rattle which Freya absolutely loves.

A very pretty changing mat from Fun with Mum.

A cute hooded towel from John Lewis which is perfect as Freya has started to get too long for some of her baby ones now.

A set of 2 Nordic Star Storage Baskets

Now onto the review itself. I’d heard positive experiences from others and was not disappointed when it came to using it on Freya.

I used this on all nappy changes; both during the day and before bedtime as advised and can confirm we have had no instances of nappy rash. We actually have been lucky to not experience it whatsoever since Freya was born 5 months ago but I’d much rather prevent than cure and Bepanthen is perfect for this. I know we could soon meet Nappy rash once we start weaning but I’m hoping by looking after her bottom in the best possible way, we can avoid it all together.

I love that this ointment is a cream colour and not bright white or yellow as some other nappy care products are. This one rubs in well and doesn’t have an overpowering smell to contend with either.

Will I keep using this?

Absolutely, as I said, it’s been a really positive experience so I plan to keep using it on my daughter.

Where can you buy this?

Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment is available from all leading supermarkets, chemists and independent pharmacists.

Laura x

*items in this post are gifted*

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