Life with a Newborn

It’s taken a while to actually write this post up and unsurprisingly it’s all in the title of this post.

Life with a newborn baby is like nothing you can ever imagine. Even when you’re pregnant, I don’t think the reality of what it will be like with a baby is ever in your mind. So here’s the lowdown on our life with a newborn up to now as we mark her 8th week in the world.

The first few days with a newborn baby is a haze of tiredness, figuring out when baby is hungry/tired and trying to work out whether your body feels well enough to do day-to-day jobs. Looking back, it’s hard to remember what those days actually felt like as it really did go by in a blur. Very quickly you learn how to express milk, make a formula bottle, how to bathe your baby and how to change a pooey nappy. If you’ve never done these things like we hadn’t, its surprising how quick you just get used to it.

The next few weeks are then about working out a bit of a routine and trying to get baby and yourself out of the house before midday. I am proud to say in the first couple of months, I managed this on 5 occasions! That might sound pathetic to some of you but as a first time mum, I found it hard to get a balance in the mornings at first. Also sleep is hard to come by, so the opportunity to go back to sleep is more enticing than leaving the house.

After not drinking much caffeine in my pregnancy, I soon became a semi-addict to Rombouts coffee. Even now after 8 weeks, I still have a coffee every morning before leaving the house or if I don’t have time, I stop at a café for one once out and about. Rombouts do a fantastic range of one cup filter coffees which taste amazing as well as roast and ground coffee.

Also a necessity to life with a baby is a diary. No longer does my phone make the cut! I have purchased a paper diary in order to keep track of baby appointments, appointments for myself and baby classes such as sensory and massage. Time goes so fast that it’s important to keeps track of those important dates like vaccinations etc as it’s very easy to forget what day you’re on.

After what seems like an exhausting time in your lives, feeding starts to become more routine as does napping and sleeping. This means it’s much easier for you to get a better sleep and function like a human the next day. Now that Freya is sleeping longer, we are definitely able to get out the house before 10am when needed but the odd lazy day of snuggles and naps is always thoroughly enjoyed.

I’ve loved the last 8 weeks with Freya and already she’s gained such a personality and grown loads. I can’t wait to see this little lady grow more and every day is even more special than the last.

Laura x

*Rombouts sent me products in exchange for an open and honest review, all content and photos are my own as usual*

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