It’s Baby Bathtime

Baby bath time in our house used to be so much fun but nowadays Freya wants to use the bath to climb and has figured out that she can pull the plug out to drain the water!

We received an insane amount of baby bath related products before she was born but rather than risk trying out different products, we stuck with what we’d tried from the beginning and the remaining products sat on their shelves waiting to be opened.

Fast forward almost 11 months and Freya uses an array of products from different brands but our favourite for getting clean and smelling amazing is always Child’s Farm.

*post contains PR samples*

I first heard about this brand when I read some posts on my local Mumbler page about a cream that worked wonders for Eczema. Having never suffered with this, I didn’t pay it much attention but kept saying the same types of post praising the brand. Once Freya came along I knew I’d more than likely try the brand with her at some point but wasn’t sure where to start with products.

Freya got a rash in her first 12 weeks that was all over her body and naturally we panicked and took her to A&E. Thankfully everything was ok and the doctor advised that it would settle down quickly but it started us thinking we should maybe start using a moisturiser once things calmed down. I nipped to Boots one day and picked up Child’s Farm baby moisturiser and have never looked back.

Since then we’ve used the moisturiser several times a week on Freya as well as using a travel size one when we went away on holiday. We absolutely love this cream and the smell is just divine; I can completely see why adults use this stuff too now. Most recently we were sent a new body wash and bubble bath from the range to try out and the smells of both products are incredibly fruity and last for ages.

The bubble bath is blueberry and organic mango and is suitable for sensitive skin making it perfect for newborn’s upwards. The body wash is 2 in 1 and can also be used on hair as well. It’s scent is watermelon and organic pineapple and contains argan oil to really moisturise the hair. The first time I used it on Freya my husband commented that it had a great smell and the next morning we noticed Freya’s hair looked really shiny and healthy. A massive win with the recent hot weather which usually has left her with a bit of a sweaty head!

Overall I absolutely love the range and will keep re-purchasing as Freya grows up. We have a few products we are planning to buy next to try out but no doubt I will love them as much as I already do for her.

Laura x

*Post contains PR samples*

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