Getting nursery ready with identitags

This week I returned to work full-time after a glorious 13 months of maternity leave. It came as quite the shock to the system but I survived the week and am now in the midst of 3 loads of washing as I write this. This week also saw Freya starting nursery 3 days a week and I can also confirm that she has enjoyed it thoroughly and is getting on well.

When it came to getting ready for nursery, we had the usual settling in sessions and I asked lot’s of questions. I got her a glamorous Pink Peppa Pig sparkly bag which she loves and started to prep her clothing. Now outfit wise I tend to send her in things I don’t mind getting dirty/ruined (lots of second-hand stuff) and same goes for her change of clothing as well. However when it came the bag, her outerwear and jumpers/cardigans, I would rather not lose anything so I wanted to ensure her name was thoroughly visible on them all.

Let me introduce identitags:

identitags use a new patented button attachment system, to allow you to label clothing or uniforms quickly in 3 simple steps.

1.First you take out the handy tool and remove the safety lid. Place the fasteners into the tool as instructed through the how to video on the brand’s website.

2.Place a name tag face down onto the sharp point of the tool, press through the label of the clothing and hold down the trigger.

3.Once attached, use the stretching part of the tool to grab the end of the fastener and stretch it through the other part of the name tag. Pull the label to straighten and VOILA!

It really is a simple 3 steps to attaching each tag and I managed to do all of Freya’s main clothing etc in a matter of minutes which was perfect. No needing a sharpie to write her name on anything and getting pen marks everywhere, these quick, comfortable and most importantly reusable name tags are ideal for us.

I also really love the subtleness of these tags and that you can customise the colour of them if you wanted them to stand out a little more. The colours you can get them in include; white, black, blue, green, red and yellow and start in pack sizes of 24 up to 96 depending on how many you need. We will definitely be stocking up on more of these when we start to run low as I really do rate these products and we have yet to have one fall off! (Obviously nailed it after watching the how to video)

Laura x

*The identitags were gifted to me in exchange for an open and hones review, as always the content and photos are my own*


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