Doing Bedtime right with Usborne Books

Since Freya was a little dot, we’ve always tried to have a bedtime routine that consists of bath, bottle and book and then bed (hopefully). Obviously this hasn’t always gone to plan and sometimes she’s decided she’d rather sing songs or play instead of sleep. Now she’s 6.5 months old, she understands when we say bath time to her and gets excited as she loves the bath and knows what’s coming afterwards.

*the book in this post has been gifted*

When it comes to choosing a book to read, we’ve been gifted lots by friends and family but most recently we’ve been enjoying “Are you there little bunny?” from Anna’s bookshop our local Usborne Books Independent Organiser.

Freya engages really well with books that are touchy-feely and this one has lots of cut out bits and peep through sections to find the bunny which she will grab hold of and try to turn the page with. (Maybe she’s trying to tell me to read faster if she’s tired!) This book is great as you can point out the different bunny parts along the way as well as feeling the different shapes of the insects and animals that are printed in the book. I loved the shapes of the worms and Freya loves running her fingers along them as well. Hopefully as we get a little bit bigger she will be pointing out the bunny to me instead and be able to find them.

I’ve found that she now will sit through a book even if the story is fairly lengthy or short like this one but allows her to feel the book more. She loves grabbing the book herself and will hold part of it whilst we hold the remainder and read it to her.

I really hope that Freya grows up with my love of reading as I was a big fan of books growing up and still have some original ones from back in the day. For now we will keep reading to her every night until she’s ready to read back to us and share some of the story telling as well.

I can highly recommend Anna if you are looking for great service and a fantastic range of books from Usborne for you and your littlies to enjoy together.

Laura x

*Book was gifted in exchange for an open and honest review. All content and photos are my own.*

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