A Tu Clothing Baby Splurge

It’s not a lie that when it comes to baby clothes, I have a bit of a shopping addiction; great for Freya but not so great for the bank balance of someone on maternity leave!

When it comes to shopping for her, I try to think practically now she is trying to move about more but I can’t help myself when it comes to cute outfits and shopping for girls is definitely fun. I recently went to Tu at Sainsburys and picked up a few bits in 9-12 months upwards as she has so much already for 6-9 months, but I’m slowly starting to fill that size as all the shops are having sales at the moment. Here are the items I picked up for her.

I fell in love with the print on this top and leggings set immediately and bought them in 9-12 months.

 I also bought this 3 pack of leggings in 9-12 months as I loved the print and the black pair.

We need a stock of sleepsuits for 9-12 months and this set caught my eye. I love the melon print on them.

Lastly I purchased some pyjama sets in 12-18 months that I couldn’t resist and hopefully you’ll agree. I want to keep Freya in sleepsuits until she is 1 so I bought them before they went out of stock.

Laura x



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