A Primark Baby Haul

So Last week on my Instagram stories, I shared that I’d been for a trip to Primark and picked up some pieces for Freya in the next couple of sizes up. I wanted to do a little post on what I’d picked up but as they are for the next couple of sizes up rather than now, I’ll have to share Baby OOTD pictures at a later date of her modelling them. I got a lot more 9-12 months as we have a hefty amount of 6-9 month clothing already.

First up I picked up this pack of 2 leggings in Turquoise and Pink with Unicorn Print in 9-12 months for a bargain price of £3. I love them so much so I may well go back and buy the 6-9 months as well.

Next up was this pack of 2 tops with frills on the shoulders, again in 9-12 months and for £4.

I also purchased this gorgeous striped smock and denim style leggings in 9-12 months for £8. I absolutely adore this outfit and have a dress extremely similar so hopefully in the Summer, we can be twinning.

I fell in love with this quilted jumper with “I Love Unicorns” on it. This is size 6-9 months and cost £5 and is super soft material.

The tops caught my eye as well and for a bargain £1.50 each, I picked up 6-9 months and 9-12 months. I didn’t spot many I liked actually that weren’t overly sparkly so these are cute but not too girly.

Lastly I picked up these mustard jumpers in both 6-9 and 9-12 months. These were actually from the boys section but I love Mustard so I couldn’t resist picking them up to go with Freya’s outfits.

I went to Primark quite a lot in the run up to Freya being born and never really saw anything I liked but the new season stuff is right up my street and I will be going back at some point to see if they any new lines in. As all the items are such bargains its easy to pick up several pieces and not worry about them growing out of things quickly.

Laura x

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