5 things that have absolutely happened whilst being pregnant

I’m approaching my 31st week of growing a tiny human and I can almost smell the Campo Viejo Rioja awaiting me at the finish line.

I thought I’d share 5 things that have definitely happened to me whilst being pregnant and squash some of those myths out there.


The first 12 weeks of pregnancy are sucky! You either get morning sickness or nausea which is basically just as bad because it makes you really hungry which in turn makes you nauseous again. Once the first trimester is over and done with you can breathe a sign of relief hopefully but I have heard of people suffering it for longer than 12 weeks and to those of you who have; I salute you!

2. Hormones

It’s true what they say, hormones in pregnancy are your usual self ramped up on speed. You either want to cry, laugh or kill someone. Pregnancy is an emotional rollercoaster and I can honestly say the crying has been a firm feature of my life for the last few weeks. My poor husband has no idea what to say so just hugs me which is wonderful but equally, I can’t explain the reason for crying either. It takes a lot out of you and I cannot wait for baby to be here so I can hopefully move on from this weepy version of myself.

3. The Glow or lack of it

Total myth if my eyes this one. Not every mother to be gets that “glow” and like the photo above, I was one of the unlucky. I literally have no glow whatsoever and just get told I look tired. Every so often I get told I have some more colour in my cheeks but that’s probably because I’m boiling hot from carrying this extra weight around. Don’t get yourself down, there’s plenty of ways to fake your glow.

4. Peeing

This is not something everyone suffers with but I have been blessed with a baby that uses my bladder as a cushion. My baby is laid low down which means I visit the toilet to pee at least 457 times a day including at least 3-4 times within the 30 mins of getting up and leaving the house on a morning. It is very annoying especially in the summer weather when you drink more fluid and then know that within 20 minutes you will be greeting your old friend “the loo” once again.

5. The bump touching

This is total fact; people love to touch a pregnant ladies bump. At first this horrified me and I was prepared to karate chop any sucker that dared but alas I’ve given up and just let people have a touch now. Luckily for me it’s generally work colleagues or friends that do it so at least we know each other but if a complete stranger tried then it would be like a scene out of The Karate Kid! Don’t be afraid to just say no to people if you don’t like it.

There has been plenty more things that have happened to me in my 30-31 weeks so far and I will continue to share snippets in the run up to D-Day but for now I don’t want to scare you too much.

Laura x

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  1. Great post! I tend to say ‘she doesn’t like you’ when someone touches my bump without asking, haha. I know their intentions are good but I don’t want to be touched!!

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