5 Things I left out about our labour and birth story

Yes the title is true, I’m sharing 5 things that I didn’t share in my previous post about our labour and birth story.

The reason I missed them out is partly down to being forgetful and partly for thinking there might be some things people don’t want to read. But then I remembered that when I was pregnant and reading these posts, I wanted to know gory details as I felt better prepared for the worst case scenario. So here we go…

1.When my waters broke, I was walking round Boots at Monks Cross in York. I made my way back to my car to head home to lie down for an hour as recommended by the midwife. When I got back to my car, the battery had died! It was like something in a film and I had to ring my husband to come and jump my car battery. It was made worse by the fact that I had no petrol either and needed to go get fuel before pushing the car back off the forecourt to be jumped again. Nightmare!

2.My waters didn’t gush when they broke. I literally was walking round the shops feeling like I was having a wee.

3.My Husband had a bad shoulder (which he later thought could have been stress linked due to the impending arrival as it went away once she was born) and had Deep Heat and Deep freeze with him at hospital to stop the pain. He kept moving to the corner of the room to spray his shoulder and when I asked what he was doing, he said he wanted to move out the way so I couldn’t see him spray. He clearly thought he was wearing a cloak of invisibility as well as he was pretty much in my eye line the whole time. Idiot

4.Hubby also said he felt quite useless throughout the labour and his answer to this was to offer me snacks, water or isotonic drinks every 15 mins or so despite me rejecting them every time. Bless him for trying.

5.About an hour or so after the birth, I decided to try to have a hot bath and clean myself up a bit. Hubby ran a bath and I slowly climbed in but as I was about to sit down, the biggest blood clot dropped out of me and no word of a lie – we thought an organ had fallen out. I had bled quite a bit after the birth so it was fairly normal apparently but both Bob and I were horrified and I didn’t attempt to clean myself up again until later in the day when I managed a hot shower instead.

Hopefully some of those have made you laugh and not scared anyone expecting a baby themselves.

Laura x


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