The one about the house clean

No this is not some very odd episode of Friends, although it could honestly be an episode dedicated to Monica starting a cleaning business/cleaning a very messy house. And no this is also not me declaring that my house is in dire need of a “proper good” clean.

I haven’t always loved cleaning and I know some people absolutely get their kicks off buying cleaning products and adopting the “Mrs Hinch” way of life, and after a brief moment where I actually tried it out, I knew it wasn’t for me. That being said, I 100% know that I have to clean my house or it will end up as a pig-sty so that’s where a bit of organisation comes in.

With working full time, (I work a normal working week compressed into 4 longer days), being the best mum possible, having quality time as a couple and having a social life, it’s very easy to put cleaning to the back of my mind. One thing I did learn from the “Mrs Hinch” way was tackling a room at a time and not trying to do everything in one go.

Every day I aim to squeeze in room clean and when that’s being worked around my normal job, I try to tackle tasks such as loading the washing machine/tumble dryer and filling the dishwasher. That means when I have to tackle the bigger rooms like the kitchen/bathroom cleans, I can focus on these at the weekend.

Now that I have a toddler running around and the constant reminder of tackling climate change niggling in my head, I have also tried to be more conscientious about the cleaning products I am using and not using ridiculously overpowering scents etc.

A great brand for cleaning products that can be bought both individually or wholesale is Jangro. One of my favourite arms of Jangro is the Jangro Enviro brand. When researching environmentally friendly cleaning products, their range really stood out for me. The packaging used on the cleaning products is made from recycled materials and reduces emissions to the air, water and land. The cleaning solutions themselves also come in both bottle and sachet format meaning if you are struggling for storage space at home, there are alternative options available to you.

2020 is definitely the year I become super organised in life whether it be finding fun family activities for us all, or managing to balance everything else and keep my house looking vaguely presentable and washing/ironing piles under control. I am going to make changes wherever possible to swap our usual products for more environmentally friendly options as well and can’t wait to embrace the changes.

Laura x

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Getting organised for 2020

For the first time since we moved out of our parents homes and into our own (3.5 years and 2 properties later to be exact), we finally own a wall calendar.

When Boxclever Press got in touch to offer us one of their gorgeous 2020 Family Weekly Planners, it couldn’t have been better timed as it coincided with us starting swimming lessons with Freya.

*Gifted Item*

I vowed at the end of 2019 to get really organised with our time together as a family; planning in swimming lessons and days out at the weekend when we can fit them in. Now having this family planner, I can plan make note of each family members routine whether it be work or downtime.

I also love that there is 2 perforated sections; 1 for a shopping list and the other for Things to do. I started adding things to do straight away as we had a child free night on Saturday and made the most of the time by running a ton of errands.

I put our new weekly calendar up in the hallway so we walk past it everyday and I have to say, it has made me really utilise it and add things to it as I go along. It was great for adding bits and pieces that I needed to grab from the shops and then crossing off items as they were bought.

Finally I decided to use one of the columns as a daily meal planner. The bonus of using the wipeable feature is that if you want to chop and change your meal plan each day, you can wipe them away and re-write them.

With us deciding to really improve our eating habits in 2020, this has been a real life saver and keeping us on track and minimising food waste.

2020 is going to be a really busy year for us with weddings, working away, 30th birthdays for both of us and a 3rd birthday to plan for Freya.

I can’t wait to fill it in more over the coming year and have definitely found a family planner that works for us.

Laura x

*Planner gifted in exchange for a review*

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What’s in Freya’s Christmas Eve Box

2019 – the year I succumbed to the American tradition that is the “Christmas Eve Box!”

Prior to this I thought Freya was far too young for one and now at 2.25 years of age, I think she will love it, albeit not really get it still. Today we put up our Christmas tree (yes it’s November but it’s 1 month away so shush!). She loved helping to unravel the beads, and then get them all knotted up again.

So back to the box. Rather than buy a wooden box, I decided to go for one of the absolute steal Home Bargain boxes for £2.99. You can write your child’s name on the lid of the box and personalise it so it’s perfect. For your money, you get a cookie inside and as well as a letter from Santa, a book and …..

I haven’t gone crazy when deciding to fill the box and have merely chosen a few little things to add to it including a set of Frozen PJ’s from Tu which I got in the 25% event and they include some lovely wam Olaf socks to match. I also picked up the Orchard Toys Pigs in Blankets game from Aldi in their recent toy event for less than £4 so we can all play a game as a family on Christmas Eve.

On top of that, I will be giving Freya a Peppa Pig bamboo tumbler and plate to put out for Santa so he can have his Whisky and Mince Pie (yes that’s what Santa will be feasting on in our house ladies and gentleman) which was kindly gifted to us for the big event from GiftGivingAllWrappedUp.

Lastly we will be sending Santa the Peppa Pig Christmas Sack in advance so it makes it easier for him to leave presents at our house. Got to make his job as easy as possible of course! This was also kindly gifted to us and I can’t wait to see her face when she wakes up that morning.

We were also kindly gifted a cute Peppa Pig bauble which has pride of place on our tree now and has completely ruined my colour scheme of whites, silvers and irridescent baubles, but Freya loves it and that’s all that matters.

I can’t wait to see others Christmas Eve boxes if you’ve done one this year so feel free to leave me any blog links in the comments.

Laura x

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