Rome with a toddler

It’s taken me a month to write this post, but I’m finally getting round to it! I wanted to share more of our Rome trip with you including where we stayed and what we got up to whilst there.

We had major holiday blues (or rather I did) when we got back from Kos in May and I decided to treat us to a city break. Rome has always been somewhere we wanted to go and when I found a great deal on Jet2, I booked it straight away. We booked a 4 night break travelling from Sunday to Thursday (Freya’s 2nd birthday) from Leeds Bradford airport. We stayed at the YES hotel which despite coming up as a 3*, had TripAdvisor reviews of 4.5*.

We arrived at the hotel after a private taxi transfer and once unpacked, started mapping out our route for that afternoon. We knew in order to fit in as much as we could, we needed to start straight away and walked around Rome visiting sites along the way including; the Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps and Basilica’s. Prior to venturing out, we nipped to a nearby supermarket and stocked up on biscuits, fruit and water so that we could keep Freya amused along the way. I had packed some Sistema snack pots in the suitcase so these were ridiculously handy for the fruit we carted about each day for her.

When planning each day we tried to incorporate quieter corners of the city so that Freya could get out of her stroller and walk about. This included piazza’s and play parks which Freya loved. We also decided to stroll through the grounds of Villa Borghese on the first day, confirming we definitely wanted to come back a second time that trip as Freya loved all the green space.

On the second day we ventured over to the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. Whilst we didn’t go into the Colosseum due to the sheer number of people, we did go into the Roman Forum and despite having to lift the stroller a few times up and down, it was a lovely walk round. We also visited the Pantheon on our route back to the hotel.

On the third day we had a 3 hour guided tour of the Vatican Museums, St Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel which I had won a few weeks earlier on a Twitter Competition. City Wonders were fab and the guide was friendly and knowledgeable. He even commented on how well Freya had done during the whole tour despite not having the stroller to fall back on.

Our last day consisted of a trip to BioParco, Rome’s zoo located in the grounds of Villa Borghese. This was a special treat for Freya as she was actually fantastic throughout the trip. She loved seeing all the animals and playing in the park. We enjoyed lunch in the grounds for a very reasonable price and then ventured back for our last meal in the city.

Our last meal in the city was a bit of a fluke. We found a great place but they didn’t accept credit card so we ended up wandering round. We thought we had found a place and headed towards it but weren’t blown away by the menu. We crossed over the road and went for the first restaurant we saw which ended up being incredible. We had amazing pizza and the staff were great with Freya.

We had the most fantastic trip to Rome and a city break with a toddler certainly wasn’t as hard as we expected it to be. Yes you have to factor in play parks and regular stops but our first family city break was a smash and I can’t wait to do more in the future.

Laura x

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Making my home office a space for me

When we first chose the style of new build home we wanted, we knew that the downstairs study room would end up being a playroom for Freya and the 4th bedroom would be my home office. After changing jobs in April to a role that allows me to work from home a lot more, I spent a couple of months working from the dining table until we moved and I was able to finally start working on my space.

*Post contains gifted items*

The home office was a real project as I didn’t want to spend a load of money on a desk and furniture. I browsed Ebay, Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree for days on end looking for a second hand desk until one day I spotted a bargain for £20. I now have a large corner Ikea desk that would have cost over £100 new and despite a few scratches, it’s in great condition. I was lucky enough to be bought an office chair from my mum and brother as a birthday present so I didn’t need to worry about comfort when sitting for the most part of the day.

The desk area and stool when I first set up the office prior to getting my nice comfy office chair to sit on.

Then it came to adding more touches to making it a real office space that allowed me to focus on work and be creative when it comes to my blog and crafting. I chose some pieces from Yes I Want It, that I knew I would love looking at day to day. My desk is usually pretty disorganised as I work in an organised chaos most times but I’m still moving things around position wise and really making it into a creative space.

As I said before, I’m still playing around with the position of the scratch map as the corner it sits in will be a crafting corner for me. I keep moving my planter around as I’m still unsure where I want that to sit shelf wise so it’s probably wise that I don’t fill it until I’m sure. I love the Prosecco sign so much and it’s made me want even more Neon in the house. Not sure I will get my husband on board with that one but I’ll leave it a while before I try to get any more in.

If you haven’t checked out Yes I Want It’s site then I would highly advise you to. I’ve already got my eyes on some board games and some of their fab Friends range.

Laura x

*Post contains Gifted Items*

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Living Natural with Norfolk Natural Living

With the ever growing media attention (for good reason) on the Environment, we have been trying to be more mindful about our choices at home and living more sustainably. One of the swaps I have been consciously trying to make is the cleaning products that we use around the home.

Gone are the days where I watch cleaning Instagram stories or videos about the many products people are using to clean their homes. I can count on one hand the amount of products we have in the house for cleaning now as I made a point of using up what we had, and not rushing out to buy products for the sake of products.

Norfolk Natural Living recently reached out to me to review a couple of their wonderful products and without a moment of hesitation, I hopped onboard and offered to write a blog post in exchange for the products.

*Post contains Gifted Items*

Norfolk Natural Living are nestled in a small historic town in Norfolk where the bottle every formulation by hand in their workshop. All of their natural cleaning and garment care products are biodegradable, non-toxic, free from chlorine and bleach, use plant based ingredients and yet, are gentle enough for even a baby’s delicate skin. Even better is that they use PET packaging as it’s 100% recyclable and you can refill your bottles at their store in Holt if you are local.

The two products that I was sent to try out were the Garment Refresher and the Scented Vinegar. The first thing I noticed about the Garment refresher was the lavender scent that came from it. I have been trying to cut down on the number of washing loads we do in a week so this product has allowed me to wear a jumper multiple items without fear of it starting to smell a little worn.

I have successfully managed to reduce our washing machine usage in the last couple of weeks as a result of using this product and have genuinely only been washing clothes that need it. Win, Win!

Next up I tried the Scented Vinegar. I am no stranger to the cleaning powers of white vinegar and usually have a bottle at home to spray down toilet, plugholes to reduce limescale build up. This lovely product has a rose scent meaning it’s far less overpowering that your usual white vinegar smell. Picture me spraying loads into the toilet bowl and having to open windows as wide as possible. Well no longer!

A quick spray of this and it does the job and also leaves the bathrooms smelling great. I also found the best use in our house for this is for cleaning the induction hob and splashback which are both shiny surfaces. I found in the past that wiping them with a cloth still left a residue or marks on the surface which were very apparent in the light. Since using the scented vinegar, I have noticed no streaks or residue as a result and it only requires a small amount which is even better. A little certain goes a long way with this product.

Whilst I know these small changes aren’t the biggest impact right now, I know that we as a household are on the right track and with companies like Norfolk Natural Living putting in such hard work behind the scenes to create these wonderful products, it is even easier. I’ve already spied a few more products on their site that I want to get my hands on and transform the way I wash our clothes as well.

Laura x

*Post contains gifted items in exchange for a blog post*

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