Why I’m not a fan of the kitchen…

Despite things becoming a lot more equal in the world between Men & Women these days, I have faced the odd comment when it comes to who cooks in the house.

Yes that’s right, I’ll happily admit to not being the chef in the house and letting you know that it’s mostly my fiance that does the cooking. The plain and simple fact is that I detest cooking! I find no enjoyment whatsoever in standing cooking for us both or even myself for that matter. My fiance on the other hand loves cooking and is quite the dab hand in the kitchen, making the most amazing meals that I could never even begin to attempt myself.

When we planned to buy our first house together we got the ground rules laid out pretty early; he cooks and I sort the cleaning washing and ironing. He does help me clean when asked so don’t think he sits around because he is really good at just doing things round the house anyway. And I will drag myself to the kitchen when required to make a meal for us both despite my hatred.

I still think people are surprised when I say I genuinely don’t enjoy cooking and that my fiance does most of it. It’s crazy how many people have said “what? you never cook!” Of course I cook, I don’t go hungry but I prefer to just shove something simple into the oven, leave it for 20-30mins then enjoy.

To share why I really shouldn’t be allowed in a kitchen often I thought I’d put a few snaps of my cooking compared to my fiance’s and you’ll understand where I’m coming from.

My meal when left to cook on my own consists of southern fried chicken, wedges and coleslaw (This isn’t all I eat btw, I do eat other foods)


Compared to my fiance’s meals: Amazing Spiced mince dish with veggies, homemade Yoghurt dip and a wholemeal wrap.

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Fancy sunday dinner prep:

028 029

Amazing tomato and mozzarella bruschetta.


Chicken wrapped in bacon and stuffed with cream cheese, spicy cheesy sweet potato and lots of veggies.


Egg noodles, Basa fillets spiced and lots of veggies with a peanut satay style sauce.


If you can look at all those pictures and tell me I’m still wrong for not wanting to cook and just enjoying my fiance’s awesome cooking instead then you’re daft. I will never change my mind about loving the kitchen apart from a spot of baking here or there which I don’t mind. Maybe I’ll change my mind in the future but for now I’m pretty lucky to have such an incredible cook for a fiance.

Laura x


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Getting My Exante on…

It’s now just about 7 months until our wedding! (Screams at the fact that I am struggling with wedding planning so much right now) 

One of the biggest things on my list has been trying to feel good about myself; mind & body. That means trying to get a better nights sleep and not get stressed too much as well as trialling some new skincare out to try to clear my skin. Recently I’ve been testing out some health & protein products from Exante Diet to try to build up the protein in my diet and ultimately tone up for the wedding day.


Exante offers a range of different diet plans and using the website, you can input some information about yourself that allows the website to choose the appropriate plans for you. Some of the main benefits of the Exante diet plans include:

  • Its affordable
  • No calorie counting involved
  • Flexible options to suit your dieting goals
  • No subscription is required
  • High protein, low-carb weight management meals to help you stay fuller for longer

Yes I used my products slightly different to most in that I’m not trying to lose a huge amount of weight and would rather eat more protein to tone up, but that just proves how versatile the programmes can be.

Now it’s time to share some much-needed photos of the products and my thoughts about them, so here goes.

The muesli is up first and this was one of my favourite products of everything I tried. It was really yummy and filled me up for a morning of errands and jobs in the house which is fab.

Then came the porridge which was yum again and I even used the chocolate syrup on top which added a little extra something to it.

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Then came the protein shakes; chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. Surprisingly my favourite one was the strawberry which is usually the one I hate. It was really nice and didn’t taste protein like at all. I wasn’t a huge fan of chocolate or vanilla on this occasion but I would definitely get the strawberry again in future.

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Then the many snack bars etc that I tried…

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022 023

026 027

039 040

Every single bar was yum and I was really taken back by how much they filled me up and left me wanting to snack on junk a lot less. Normally I’m a massive snacker on crisps and biscuits but these curbed my appetite for rubbish and left me fuller for a lot longer. If I had to choose my top 3 it’s the Peanut Butter bar, the chocolate protein wafer and the chocolate caramel bar. Everything tasted great though and I would recommend them to anyone.

Overall I have been really impressed with the Exante diet plan and having had quite a negative view of diet plans in the past, I think my mind has been swayed. This plan definitely shows flexibility and how it can be used for weight gain as well as weight loss. If you visit the website you will find they have great offers on all the time meaning you can grab quite the bargain if you want to try it out without a huge expense straight away. If it works for you then great and you won’t be disappointed by the range on offer, which you can find here!

Laura x

*these products were sent to me in exchange for an open and honest review, all thoughts and photos are my own as usual*

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Putting Herbalife Skin to the Test

It’s safe to say I hate my skin. I know most people would change their boobs/nose etc but I’d just quite like skin that doesn’t get a billion spots on it. I’m always looking out for products that will help me to achieve this in a non surgical way (I’m aware I can’t just replace my skin!) and the latest on my list has been Herbalife’s Skin range.

I’ve heard the name Herbalife thrashed about before but never have I thought “Oh let me just check out if they do skincare!” I was pleasantly surprised recently to find out not only do they have their own range but their cleansers are also sulfate free, a thing I’m pretty obsessed with at the minute.

Now it’s time for the test and the results. The products trialled were the Soothing Aloe Cleanser (aloe is another favourite of mine), the Daily Glow Moisturiser and the Replenishing Night Cream.


I tested them out for just over 2 weeks to try to get an accurate result to share and have a before picture (shield your eyes) and an after picture to show off the results.

011 057

So as you can see from my horrendous starting photo, my skin was in bad condition at the start of this trial. I actually took this photo a few days into starting the products just because it was in its worst state for a long time. I persevered though and just over 2 weeks later, you can see the products really worked and my skin looked so much better.

I like that the cleanser is super gentle on my skin and the aloe really did soothe my skin. The only thing I did differently instruction wise was rather than using it twice a day, I only used it once. Mainly because on a morning my skin was really bad and I found just soap and water worked better then. I still used my moisturiser and night cream as followed and again, love that they don’t leave my skin feeling greasy or slathered in product. The photo below is the different products on the back of my hand to show their consistency. The middle blob is the daily glow moisturiser which did have a glow to it which I like. The replenishing night cream was lovely and white and really left my skin feeling smooth.


Having always had the impression that Herbalife was just a health company, I have been surprised by everything I’ve learnt about the company using the products and it’s only made me want to try some more of them out. They do an amazing sounding mint clay mask and a berry scrub that I need to get my hands on and try out now.

I hope like me, you’ve been pleasantly surprised by this brand and what they actually offer. I will definitely carry on using these products and purchase more in the future.

Laura x

*These products were sent to me in exchange for an open and honest review. The photos and opinions are a true reflection of the product trial and are my own*


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