Faking that Pregnancy Glow Part 1

I’ve talked about pregnancy a lot in what feels like the longest pregnancy ever, especially covering the myths that you hear or read. One of the myths I’ve spoken about is the whole “pregnancy glow” thing!

I’ve been honest about the fact that I’ve never had a pregnancy glow and never seemed to look naturally radiant. Think sweaty, spotty mess who can just about stick a brush through her hair, then that’s pretty much spot on to how I look writing this post right now.

One of my go-to’s during the last 8 months has been faking the “pregnancy glow” with a decent highlighter and some makeup. Back in June when I was 6 months pregnant, we went out for a family meal and I made an effort to get dressed up and do my hair and makeup. My lovely husband thought I looked nice and remarked that I finally had that pregnancy glow. Cue hysterical laughter from us both when I confessed to using a highlighter and faking the glow!

Here’s where this mini-series comes in all about faking that pregnancy glow in collaboration with Beauty Base. I’ve chosen some of my favourite highlighting products to show how you can cheat your way to the glow. Below is my very unattractive before photo showing my face before applying any makeup whatsoever.

The products I chose to put to the test were as follows:

Technic Prism Unicorn Horns Highlighter Supernova Sparkle

W7 Glow Guru Face Illuminator Peach Glow

W7 Glow for Glory Illuminating Palette

LA Girl Pro Setting Powder

Prism Unicorn Highlighting Cream

First up in this mini-highlighting series is the W7 Glow Guru product.

As you can see from the 3 pictures, I started off with a basic foundation on my face and the La Girl Face powder which I absolutely love. I swatched the product first on my hand and it has a really lovely peachy glow to it. When testing it, it was important not to use too much as I didn’t want to look overly glowy.

I used a small amount and blended it into my cheeks which you can see in the bottom photo. The benefit to this kind of product is you don’t need to use a blush product as well for a rosy tone. This blends easily and gives you a healthy colour and highlights the cheekbone extremely well.

I love this product and will definitely use it again to fake my “pregnancy glow” as no doubt even when baby is here, I may not be looking my best so makeup is going to be an essential.

The next product in the series will be the Rainbow Highlighter from Technic and you can expect the full post on Wednesday so keep your eyes peeled and thanks for reading.

Laura x

*These products were sent to me in exchange for an open and honest review. All photos and opinions are my own*


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Ask The Midwife Review

Pregnancy is a rollercoaster ride of being super happy one minute, and then worrying about something the next.

I’ve found especially that when it’s your first baby and the pregnancy is classed as ok; you don’t get a lot of support outside of your usual midwife appointments when they test your wee, blood pressure and check you’re measuring on track in the later stages. You’ve got your green notes to carry about with you but the minute something doesn’t feel right or if you’re having a bit of a wobble, it’s hard to know where to turn and not feel as though you are pestering them or being a drama queen.

You should never feel as though you are being a burden, especially when this is their job at the end of the day and they are supposed to help guide you through your pregnancy in a way that is good for both you and baby. It is very easy to get sucked into the online world and start googling things which makes everything feel 100 times more magnified and you instantly think the worst case scenario. We have all been there! Upon looking for answers however, you might stumble across a site/app called Ask the Midwife.

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My Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is around 3 weeks away and I thought it high time I create a birthday wish list that family reading my blog (I know who you are!) can use to get some ideas.

With everything being wedding and then baby related this year, I almost forgot it was getting nearer to my birthday when I turn 27 and the reality of becoming a mother 4 weeks later sets in!!

Here are some of the things on the top of my wish list this year to help those of you buying me gifts (haha).

The Sims 4 // Dermalogica Clear Start Kit // Yorkshire Soap Company Bath Bombs

UGG Slippers (size 5)

Ban.do Diary // Joules Waterproof Jacket // Warehouse Leather Jacket

Laura x

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