The Souper Swap Challenge

About a month ago I was challenged by Baxter’s to take part in their Souper Swap Challenge where the test was to swap your usual lunch for one of their heart soup’s. A week later I received an enormous box of soup’s to put to the test…

The Souper Swap Challenge Ultimate Box was the I was trialling and contained a mix of their Hearty range as well as some of their Vegetarian Options.

The next day at work, I put them to the test and kicked it off with Tuscan Style Bean, Bacon & Pecorino which tasted amazing and definitely left me feeling fuller for longer. A big tick for the hearty range already.

Next day was the turn of one of the vegetarian options in the shape of Carrot and Coriander a firm soup favourite of mine. This also tasted amazing but unlike the hearty range, did not leave me with a full feeling for as long and I found myself snacking on fruit and crisps in the afternoon.

I have to admit I found this for all the vegetarian range actually, they all taste incredible but really didn’t ward of the hunger for as long. The hearty range tastes both amazing and fills you up all afternoon; WIN, WIN!

Now here’s the golden question; did I manage to swap my lunches for soup for 2 whole working weeks?

The short answer is NO!

I actually struggled to constantly eat soup every day for lunch despite all the different and amazing flavours of them. I found that after a few days of soup, my body was crying out for some carbs and had to succumb to the call of Bread.

I know, I know naughty eh? But actually if soup works for you and you don’t mind eating it every day then what a great way to try new flavours. If like me, you would struggle then it’s still a great idea, but it might mean adding the odd sarnie in the mix to break it up a little.

I’ve loved trying these soups out and the fiancé was very jealous at the smells of some of these as they really do taste incredible. I love that a lot of the hearty range includes beans in their soup as I love the texture but did enjoy the vegetarian Spicy Tomato and Rice with Sweetcorn.

If you fancy something different for your lunch then give the Souper Swap Challenge a go!


Laura x

*These soups were sent to me in order to take part in the Baxter’s Souper Swap Challenge, all thoughts and photos are my own*

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Buying your Beauty Products in Bulk

If you love beauty then you will relate to this post. Once you find a product you like, you want to buy it in bulk without going mad on your budget.

One way to do this could be buying from a salon wholesaler such as Capital Hair & Beauty. I had a browse on their site and picked out some of my favourite products they offer:

Hi Brow Growth & Conditioning Serum

Sienna X Gradual Glowing Self Tan 200ml

SBC Collagen Gel 250ml

Dr Paw Paw 25ml Yellow Original Clear Balm

SBC Vitamin E Gel 1000ml

These are all on offer for reasonable prices and now I know they sell SBC products, I will be sure to look here first for some of my favourite gel based products. It’s an alternative to the traditional drugstore shop and offers you some of those salon based products you can’t normally buy anywhere other than salons themselves.

Thanks for reading

Laura x

*this has been a collaborative post but all content is my own and photos are from Capital Hair and Beauty website*

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Freebies: How To Get Free Perfume Samples

Let’s face it! Everyone loves a Freebie!

Most quality perfumes are expensive. Spending money on an expensive bottle of perfume can be frustrating, especially if you find that you don’t like the fragrance as much as you think you did after a few days. It is best to try different samples before you decide which perfume you want to buy. Getting free or very affordable samples is easy and will help you save money and find the right perfume.

1. Visit Local Shopping Centres

Stores like Debenhams and other department stores usually have an excellent selection of perfumes. You can get free samples for new products or for perfumes that are being promoted at the moment. If you are interested in a specific perfume, ask the staff about getting a small sample. They will usually take a bottle and create a sample you can take home.

You can also test a perfume by going to a nearby department store to try the perfume. If you don’t want to wear the perfume right away, bring some small cotton balls and zip lock bags to a department store to make your own perfume samples.

Make sure you write the name of each perfume you sample on the bag. This is a good way to test a perfume before you decide to purchase it since some notes usually become more noticeable than others after a few hours.

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