My Baby Verbaudet Picks

I’m officially awaiting baby number 2’s arrival (currently 38 weeks + 3days and feeling massive.) So whilst I twiddle my thumbs and wait for baby to decide when she wants to come Earth side, I am naturally browsing all the baby sites for cute bits and pieces to dress her or furnish her nursery. I’ve picked my favourite bits and shared the links below and in the name of transparency, these are affiliate links so I’d be very grateful if you wanted to use them to purchase anything 🙂

First up I love this neutral cotton & wool cardigan. I have tried to stick to neutral tones for baby number 2 despite knowing the gender and this cardigan is the perfect addition to any babies wardrobe.

I also have a penchant for baby socks – I mean they are so cute and tiny. This 5 pack of socks is right up my street and very in keeping with the style Freya wears as well so they could look similar.

I learnt first time round that I loved baby vests that had press-stud fronts or wrapover bodies and this 5 pack of vests is exactly what I’m looking for.

If you are looking for something a little more girly then this embroidered jumpsuit is perfect. You could pop a long sleeved vest underneath so baby is still warm and it could be worn in Winter as well.

Lastly I spotted this Bear themed padded pramsuit that is basically the best thing ever! I still need to buy a pramsuit so this is definitely on my wishlist.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my favourite Verbaudet Baby picks and keep your eyes peeled for a Kids edition that I will be sharing soon.

Laura x

*post contains affiliate links*

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AD/ Dining with the kids: Your key tips for a stress-free experience

As anyone with kids will testify, the days of calm, romantic candlelit dinners are long gone. Chaos tends to ensue and for most of us, the experience becomes a race to get out of the door with as few hiccups as possible. For most parents, this is something that tends to go on for a few years. Sure, there are enjoyable parts, and nothing is quite as rewarding as having a family meal, at a restaurant, without anything going awry.

Today is all about helping you get to that stage. If you happen to have young children, read on to find the best ways to dine out with them on a stress-free basis.

Location, location, location

Remember we spoke about those candlelit settings? Well, if you have chosen such an environment, there is a high probability that it’s not going to be a suitable place for the kids. The last thing you need is to “change” an atmosphere, you need to slot straight into the setting you are stepping into.

A walk around many of Covent Garden’s restaurants will reveal many restaurants that provide the perfect environment for kids. More often than not, you need to target those places which already have kids in and are more along the informal lines. This article provides some of the factors you should be looking towards when assessing a restaurants’ child friendly qualities!

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Timing is everything

There are a couple of strands to this next point. Firstly, the last thing you want is to be waiting in a queue with the kids. As we all know, kids hate queuing, and this gets everything off on a bad foot.

Then, there’s the people-factor. The equation is simple, the more people around, and the busier a restaurant, the more things that can go wrong. The solution is therefore simple; simply skirt away from the peak eating periods. These are typically between 12pm and 2pm and while it might not be possible to avoid these times entirely, try and tag onto the start or end of them to make things a little quieter.

You need to provide your own entertainment

In some ways, this links to the point we made about locations. After all, some child-friendly ones will provide coloring and other activities which will make your plight oh-so-much easier. This is something that you should never guarantee though; make sure you bring your own “supplies” to counter the boredom-factor and increase the chances of everything going smoothly.

Try and opt for familiarity

While familiarity can sometimes be perceived as being boring, at times boring is safe.

There is nothing wrong with experimenting with food and this should always be applauded when it comes to children. At the same time, going to new environments and changing the menu can open up problems. It can sometimes be worth sticking to the “tried and tested” methods, to avoid any restaurant drama! If you really want your little ones to try new foods whilst out and about, consider doing it with smaller, complementary side dishes to get started.

Laura x

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A birthday celebration with MoonPig

As you may have seen if you follow me on social media, Freya turned 3 over the weekend. I am still in shock that I have a 3 year old; I mean where did the last 3 years go?

Whilst the new rule of 6 scuppered our original plans, we still managed to celebrate our gorgeous girl’s birthday and have a lovely weekend.

We have been trying hard to tie in lots of changes in Freya’s life lately like turning 3, moving up rooms at nursery and becoming a big sister soon so it has felt like a huge milestone age for her and we wanted to still make it special. When Moonpig got in touch to see if they could help us celebrate Freya’s birthday, I was absolutely delighted to say yes and help make it even more special.

I am a big fan of ordering cards both online and via apps and during lockdown it was a godsend for being able to keep track of birthdays etc. The last few weeks has been no different for me with baby due any day, I’ve taken to ordering cards well in advance so I can get on top of things. I’ve always had a thought that Moonpig only did personalised cards but after spending a lot of time on the app recently, I realised they also offer food and drink, gifts and even flowers and plants. It is pretty much a one stop shop for your gifting needs.

*Post contains Gifted Items*

Moonpig sent out an incredible package for Freya including an unicorn inflated balloon which she loved the minute it came in the post, as well as allowing me the chance to purchase a personalised card for her. We didn’t go too wild with her gifts this year as we knew she was getting a lot from family anyway but the lovely bundle of Moonpig goodies just added that something extra to her birthday and made it even more special.

I was pleasantly surprised by everything I saw on their website and loved that it could be filtered down by not only occasion but also who it was for including sections for kids and babies. I did initially think that the gifts would be out of my price range for the convenience of it all but in fact, I found absolutely loads that I would have happily added to my basket.

As a thank you for reading my post I have a 20% off discount code that you can use to order cards through the Moonpig app which you can download here if you don’t already have it. The code to enter at the checkout is APP20CA.

I hope you can enjoy your own #MoonpigMoments with their fab website/app and let me know in the comments if you manage to save yourself some money with the discount code.

Laura x

*Post contains Gifted Items. All Photography is my own*

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